Mark Trahant: Technology and the news world
Monday, September 29, 2003

"I have mixed feelings about technology. There's much to like: Computers make it easier to write, rewrite and move ideas up and down a page until every sentence finds a home. Then I get to rewrite again. It's fun.

Other days I open my mailbox and look at a couple hundred e-mails and wonder how I will get through this day, let alone find time to write or edit. As I look closely, though, I discover that most of the e-mail doesn't require reading, only deleting. I really don't want to answer the esteemed former vice president of some far off country who wants me to hold his millions in my personal account. I wonder, though, has anyone, ever, really answered this kind of e-mail, let alone opened a checking account? "

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Mark Trahant: Technology changes how we get news (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/28)

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