Commentary: Racist trial for Aquash murder
Wednesday, March 10, 2004

"What we have here is failure to communicate. More accurately, we have a total unwillingness to communicate. The real family of Arlo Looking Cloud were quite surprised to learn that Arlo’s request for a new attorney was turned down by the judge. They were quite surprised because they had to read it in the paper in order to know it had even taken place. The Rapid City Journal refers to Arlo as “the slayer of Anna Mae,” while the Sioux Falls paper refers to Arlo as the “killer.” In other words, Arlo is stuck with court appointed lawyer, Timothy Rensch. Timothy Rensch, who was incapable of cross examining those 23 FBI Agents . Timothy Rensch, who allowed a videotaped “confession” by Arlo, while Arlo was drunk . Timothy Rensch, who allowed extraneous evidence to be planted against AIM, American Indian Movement, and Leonard Peltier. I have just one question here: just who’s side is Mr. Rensch on? FBI or Arlo? Even I, who claim to no nothing of the law, could have litigated that case better than Mr. Rensch."

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Arlo Looking Cloud: Rensch Hangs on Like a Leach (Mathaba.Net 3/10)

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