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Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association
The event known as “the biggest little show in Indian Gaming” is returning to Tulsa, Oklahoma, from August 9-11, 2022. Photo courtesy Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association
Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association hosts trade show and convention
Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association is hosting its conference and trade show from August 9-11.

The event is being held at the Cox Business Convention Center in Tulsa. It’s expected to draw nearly 3,000 tribal representatives, vendors and visitors to one of the largest Indian gaming markets in the United States.

“Tribes are wonderful community partners in Oklahoma,” said Matthew L. Morgan, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation who serves as chair of OIGA.

“We create jobs, build roads and hospitals, invest in our public schools and universities, support nonprofits and create programs to serve citizens, Tribal and non-Tribal, who need assistance within our communities,” said Morgan. “Each year, when we gather at our Conference and Trade Show, we celebrate this industry which has allowed us to do so much. We are proud of our past, excited about things happening right now, and determined to leave the next generation an industry and an Oklahoma that they can take pride in.”

Tribes in Oklahoma operate more than 130 gaming facilities, according to figures released by the National Indian Gaming Commission, a federal agency, in August 2021. Thats’s more than any other state or region in the nation.

Based on the NIGC figures, the establishments in Oklahoma brought in about $4 billion in fiscal year 2020 across two regions. The amount was a significant decline from the year prior due to the impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to OIGA, tribes in Oklahoma offer more than 80,000 electronic gaming machines at their facilities.