BIA officer's handgun was stolen and used in murder in Montana

A Bureau of Indian Affairs police service vehicle. Still image from BIA / YouTube

A handgun that belonged to a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer was stolen and used in a homicide in Montana, The Billings Gazette reports.

The 9mm Glock Model 17 was the personal gun of special agent John Dodd, the paper said. He left it in his service vehicle when it was stolen and used to kill David Vallie in October 2014, the paper reported.

Dodd wasn't supposed to leave a personal weapon in his vehicle, a BIA spokesperson told the paper. “Corrective action has taken place," the paper was told but no further details were provided.

Dodd, however, does not appear to have been fired. He was still on the force as of October, the paper reported, when he was allegedly assaulted during a call on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. A suspect has been charged in federal court.

As for Vallie's death, Michael Martinez was convicted of deliberate homicide last month.

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