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Judge tells Nooksack Tribe to delay disenrollment proceedings

Members of Nooksack Tribe of Washington protest disenrollment. Photo from Facebook

A tribal court has once again put a hold on disenrollment proceedings within the Nooksack Tribe of Washington.

Judge Randy Doucet said the tribe must wait for the outcome of an appeal before the Bureau of Indian Affairs before moving forward. The appeal is being filed by 306 people who face removal from the rolls.

“At this moment it’s simply more time,” attorney Gabe Galanda told the group after the tribal court hearing on Monday, The Bellingham Herald reported. “The judge is simply going to maintain the status quo."

Under an ordinance that's in dispute, the tribe was planning to hold teleconference hearings for each of the 306 facing disenrollment. Each person is supposed to get 10 minutes to make their case.

Turtle Talk has posted documents from the tribal court case, Roberts v. Kelly.

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