Editorial: Delaware Tribe pursues return to homelands in Kansas

In July, leaders of the Delaware Tribe held a council meeting in Kansas for the first time in 147 years. Photo from Delaware Tribe

Newspaper urges the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma to keep the community involved in development plans in Kansas:
The Delaware Tribe is busy with an election of its own this week, but it may not be long before tribal leaders are ready to get down to business on plans for property they have purchased north of Lawrence.

Lawrence and Douglas County governments and several other local institutions have signed on to a cooperative agreement that commits them “to engage in collaborative planning process” to address the tribe’s desire to develop about 90 acres just east of the East Lawrence interchange on the Kansas Turnpike. The process will include a design charrette that will help refine development plans.

Exactly who will be pursuing this effort on behalf of the Delawares will be decided in tribal elections scheduled for next Saturday. The October issue of the Delaware Indian News, the tribe’s official newsletter, was filled with information and ads about candidates seeking to serve as chief and members of the tribal council. It also included a message from the current Delaware chief, Paula Pechonick, who reported on the tribal council’s July meeting, which was held in Lawrence.

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