Obama signs a disaster declaration for Rocky Boy's Reservation
President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration to pave the way for the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana to receive federal funds.

The Rocky Boy's Reservation suffered at least $6 million in damage from heavy storms and flooding, according to a preliminary estimate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The disaster declaration covers all of the reservation and Hill County.

"It's a Godsend," Neal Rosette, the tribe's executive administrative officer, told the Associated Press. "We're an impoverished reservation and we really didn't have the resources to tackle a disaster of this magnitude. I guess now the real hard work starts."

"Every member of my tribe that's living on the reservation got affected by this flood one way or another," Rosette added.

Hundreds went without safe water for weeks after the storm. The road to the Indian Health Service clinic washed out so tribal members are receiving care at a makeshift building and are seeking services off the reservation.

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