Editorial: Support settlement for Cobell trust case
"The settlement of the Cobell class-action lawsuit on Native American lands deserves the full support of our congressional delegation.

The settlement would pay $1.4 billion in compensation to heirs and provide $2 billion for voluntary buy-back to consolidate fractional parcels of land for better asset management under an outside trustee.

A college fund for Native American students would be created as part of the settlement, along with a new national commission to evaluate ongoing trust reform efforts.

This settlement reflects a debt owed Indian land owners under the law. It is the product of 13 years of litigation. It sets up safeguards for the future.

As a simple matter of government accountability, our senators and representatives should actively support the authorization of this settlement by Congress."

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Editorial: Kansas lawmakers: Support Cobell settlement (The Winfield Courier 12/11)

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