Kevin Abourezk: A worthy story on 'Wounded Knee'
"This week, a collection of self-described "Wounded Knee victims and veterans" took aim at an episode of a PBS mini-series about the 1973 siege of Wounded Knee. The "We Shall Remain" mini-series examined the history of U.S. government and Indian relations from the arrival of the Pilgrims to the siege.

The veterans and victims group alleges the producer of the mini-series inaccurately and unfairly portrayed the siege, glorifying the militant actions of the Indian activists while presenting the government's actions as overly aggressive and racist. The group is made up of nine members, including seven Natives, a retired FBI agent and the former agent's son.

In a letter the group sent to PBS President and Chief Executive Officer Paula Kerger May 10, they lay out their concerns, which include their claim that the show neglected to fully describe the destruction the activists left behind in Wounded Knee.

It's a deep wound some in Indian Country feel has long been ignored.

The argument goes like this: The activists' looting, destruction of property and even murder of a fellow activist completely undermined any good they accomplished through the 71-day siege.

And by minimizing those actions, PBS has perpetuated a lie, the group says."

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Kevin Abourezk: PBS Series Criticism Shouldn't Detract From Show's Worth (RezNet News 5/21)

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