Kevin Abourezk: Be inspired by Obama inauguration
"In August, I joined thousands of journalists, politicos and young volunteers in Denver for the Democratic National Convention.

As journalists for this Web site, Victor Merina, Jaime Hughes and I wrote stories about Native leaders who traveled to the convention in the hopes of making their people's stories known.

With backpacks filled with video equipment, notebooks and a laptop slung over our shoulders, we hiked for miles over the course of three days in downtown Denver, interviewing established and up-and-coming Native leaders.

The culmination of the weeklong convention was Barack Obama's acceptance speech - and he didn't disappoint, inspiring his audience of 84,000 with his signature message of hope.

In five days, Obama ends one journey and begins another. I wish I could be there to see him take the stage again, see him swear an oath to protect the Constitution and take the office of president."

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Kevin Abourezk: Inauguration A Chance to Be Inspired, Reminded (RezNet News 1/16)

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