Dispute over agreement with Cow Creek Band
A seemingly routine agreement with the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians has generated controversy in Douglas County, Oregon.

The tribe wants to partner with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office and pay $20,000 for a fingerprinting machine. But opponents said the deal will put the tribe in business with a "casino" and will lead to jurisdictional problems.

"What really worries me is this; we can't do it alone anymore, and now we have to have a casino as partners. That scares me to death, when the next step is we cross deputize, which other areas have done with the casinos," county commissioner Marilyn Kittelman was quoted as saying. "They are not held by the same standards, they are not able to be taken to court, you have to go to tribal court if you're dealing with them. I'm more worried about our citizens and this co-mingling of funds with a gambling casino, and I think it's completely wrong."

Kittelman is connected to One Nation, an anti-sovereignty group and has been highly critical of the Cow Creek Band. She was once accused of making disparaging statements about the tribe.

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