Jodi Rave: Denise Juneau gets to work in Montana
"As Montana's newly elected superintendent of public instruction, Denise Juneau is assembling a transition team as she prepares to take the top advocacy position for the state's K-12 public school system.

“I'll be looking at educators from across the state who can best fit into these positions and the new administration,” said Juneau. “I'll be meeting with a few people in our office and trying to build a team around different areas.”

Juneau can appoint upward of 15 people to her team. After winning Tuesday's election, she started making phone calls to people who might serve on her cabinet of advisers in the Office of Public Instruction. The agency employs 300 full- and part-time workers.

Her top two priorities heading into office will center on the No Child Left Behind Act and seeking an increase for school budgets.

“Denise will be stepping right into virtual educational warfare,” said Eric Feaver, president of MEA-MFT, a union of public school teachers and personnel. The difficulties ahead lie in convincing federal lawmakers that the NCLB Act has a negative effect on rural states. She will also be seeking more money during a national financial crisis, he said."

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