Jodi Rave: Montana candidate endorsed by INDN's list
"On Monday, a Montana candidate received top billing from INDN's List, a national organization devoted to supporting Native candidates in their bids for state and local offices,

Denise Juneau - candidate for Montana superintendent of public instruction - received the organization's top endorsement and was among six candidates across the country to make the list. Joey Jayne, candidate for state court district judge in Montana, also was among the six.

“I am thrilled we have so many qualified candidates to support this early in the cycle, especially with such an impressive candidate for statewide office,” Kalyn Free, president of INDN's List, said in a statement released Monday. “Denise was a superstar at our campaign camp in 2007,” she said. “We are certain she will help the children of Montana with her leadership and experience.”

Juneau, Montana's Indian education director, has been canvassing the state of Montana since last summer with hope of cinching the June 3 statewide primary election.

“It's great having a prominent national organization endorse me and offer support,” said Juneau, a Mandan-Hidatsa and Blackfeet. “It's a very humbling experience.”

INDN's list, an Oklahoma-based nonprofit organization, is noted for its endorsements. In the last two years, the organization has claimed a 79 percent win rate for its candidates, with 22 of 28 politicos winning their elections since 2006."

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Native OPI candidate earns national endorsement (The Missoulian 5/19)

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