Editorial: Denise Juneau for Montana education
Note: Denise Juneau, a member of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation.

"The state Office of Public Instruction is the conduit through which flows more than half of state government's budget, and for that reason alone heading the office is an important job.

The office provided leadership during implementation of the federal No Child Left Behind program, and in following through on court rulings about funding and the concept of Indian education for all.

And playing a leading role in that last function has been Denise Juneau, who wins our endorsement to succeed McCulloch, who is leaving the office because of term limits.

Juneau's credentials are impressive, starting with degrees from Montana State University, Harvard's Graduate School of Education and the University of Montana School of Law.

She's been a classroom teacher, a law clerk at the state Supreme Court and most recently Director of Indian Education at OPI.

She is familiar with the department's operations, and she has a good grasp of its role."

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Editorial: Strong credentials, eloquence win nod for Juneau (The Great Falls Tribune 10/24)

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