Target of San Manuel murder plot sues for $50M

The intended victim of a murder-for-hire plot involving two members of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is suing for $50 million, saying he can't work because he was forced to go into hiding.

Leonard Epps says the two tribal members owe him millions of dollars. Stacy Cheyenne Barajas-Nunez and her brother, Erik Barajas, receive a share of the tribe's gaming revenues.

"What is he going to do? He's got to find a way of living, and these people are going to have to pay the price," Epps' attorney told The Riverside Press-Enterprise. "Otherwise they'll get away with this forever."

Epps is also suing a Mexican Mafia leader who pleaded guilty for attempted murder. Barajas-Nunez and Barajas pleaded guilty for their roles in the crime but Epps says they are getting off easy -- neither will serve time in prison.

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Target of murder-for-hire plot sues Mexican Mafia, San Manuel tribal members for $50 million (The Riverside Press-Enterprise 9/29)

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