Tex Hall mulling next step in election dispute

Tex Hall was ousted as chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation of North Dakota last November but he's still trying to decide whether to continue challenging the election.

Hall lost the election by 233 votes. But he alleges casino money was used to buy votes for Marcus Wells Jr., who won.

A tribal judge, however, sided with the tribe and said the election was valid. Hall is considering whether to appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, Hall said he's been working a lot more on his cattle ranch. He also serves as chairman of the Intertribal Economic Alliance and as a consultant to other tribes.

In related tribal news, a program that serves 700 elders is being cut due to a lack of funds. Treasurer Frank Whitecalfe said there is no more money left in the tribe's economic fund.

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Tex Hall says issues of case 'burning a hole in my side' (The Minot Daily News 1/11)
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