Yellow Bird: The case of the $54 million pants

"Just how much is a pair of pants worth?

Roy Pearson, an administrative law judge in Washington, says he knows: He filed a lawsuit asking $54 million. His case went before the D.C. Superior Court on Wednesday.

Pearson's pants went missing when he brought them in to be dry-cleaned in 2005. And Pearson says that under the district's Consumer Protection Act, a customer should be granted whatever he or she wants if there is a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign present, as there was in the window of the dry cleaners at the time.

Pearson's zeal makes you think he believes the store owners kept his pants on purpose. But Jin Chung, Soo Chung and Ki Chung, the owners of the dry-cleaning business, ultimately offered Pearson more than enough money to pay for a whole new suit.

And you have to wonder, why would these or any other business owners want to keep Pearson's pants?"

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Pants lawsuit needs some ironing out (The Grand Forks Herald 6/16)

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