Former Crow official fires back at jilted investor

A former official for the Crow Tribe of Montana is firing back at a woman who vowed in e-mails to make his life "miserable."

Theodore J. Hogan, a former tribal secretary, wants $361 million in damages from Elaine Roulidis. He claims the Virginia woman has defamed him in order to hurt his businesses. Roulidis has since filed a counterclaim for $350,000.

Hogan has already been charged in federal court with making false statements to potential investors in the Crow Tribe. He had a business deal with the tribe to promote energy development on the reservation.

He also operated a tour company in Sedona, Arizona, called Way of the Ancients, that he sold. Using the name Ted Killsinthefog, he has offered to hold tribal ceremonies for paying customers.

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Former Crow official, woman file opposing suits (The Billings Gazette 6/20)

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