Northern Cheyenne VP: Wrong to keep team off court

"The recent actions from the Montana High School Association has left a bitter taste among our Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools Indian basketball players, coaches, parents and fans.

On Feb. 20, the school received a call from Mark Beckman, executive director, MHSA, requiring a transfer form for a student. The school faxed in the forms. And to the school's knowledge on Feb. 21, the team was still eligible. But later MHSA required more information on transfer records from other students. The school complied and faxed these records.

The school received a letter Wednesday morning from MHSA denying our right to participate in this tournament. A conference call was held at 2 p.m., and the MHSA board upheld their decision.

Tom Towe requested an injunction with the District Court in Billings. The judge denied our appeal.

The cheerleaders and fans arrived at Rocky Mountain College to participate and support the basketball players when they received word the school would not be participating. As one fan put it, 'It was a bum trip.'"

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Northern Cheyenne Vice President Rick Wolfnam: Cheyenne team deserved to compete in tournament (The Billings Gazette 2/28)

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