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Ute Tribe's financial adviser paid $52K a month

The Ute Tribe of Utah pays its non-Indian financial adviser $62,500 a month. Tribal officials say its money well spent.

"For any good financial advising, you have to pay for it," Cameron Cuch, a tribal energy analyst, told The Deseret Morning News

John Jurrius has helped the tribe emerge from poverty into a player in the energy development field. "I go in and make money and I leave," he is quoted as saying.

The numbers don't lie -- the tribe recently distributed $6.3 million in per capita payments to its 3,100 tribal members. The tribe is worth billions and has formed its own oil company.

But for some, Jurrius hasn't fulfilled his promise to "leave" after working for the tribe for several years. He keeps information from tribal members and has too much sway over elected officials, according to critics.

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