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Upset Utes want Ross Swimmer fired over trust fund

About 20 to 25 members of the Northern Ute Tribe of Utah held a protest on Thursday to call for the firing of Special Trustee Ross Swimmer and demand a Congressional investigation into the tribe's $190 million trust fund.

The protesters criticized a decision by Swimmer last week to allow the tribe to withdraw its trust fund. Former tribal council member Ron Wopsock said tribal members are in the dark over the tribe's plans to manage the money.

Wopsock and the others believe John Jurrius, the tribe's financial adviser, has too much control. He is paid $50,000 a month and receives a portion of the tribe's oil and gas revenues for his work, they say. He also hired his brother as CEO of the tribe's business enterprises.

Wopsock says he was ousted from the tribal council after he raised questions about Jurrius and the tribe's finances.

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