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Abramoff Scandal
Lieberman signs onto McCain's lobbying reform bill

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut) is joining Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) as a co-sponsor of a lobbying reform bill.

S.2128 would require quarterly disclosures of lobbying activities and would require grassroots groups to report their activities for the first time. It increases the "cooling off" year period for members of Congress and their aides from one year to two years and requires former government employees who represent tribes to wait a year before lobbying their ex-employers.

Lieberman said hearings on the bill are likely to be held this month. Senate Republicans are working on their own reform package but it is not yet complete.

Separately, McCain introduced S.1312 to close the "revolving door" for tribal lobbyists. The bill passed the Senate by unanimous consent on December 16 and has been sent to the House.

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