Woman sentenced to nearly 20 years for abuse

A 46-year-old member of the Northern Ute Tribe was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for abusing her two young grandsons.

Charlissa Sireech pleaded guilty to seven felony counts of assault. She severely beat her grandsons, sending one into a coma and fracturing the skull of another.

Jose Rodriguez, 5, is suffering from paralysis on his right side and is blind in one eye. He is experiencing development problems and wears a helmet because he frequently falls down. Emilio Rodriguez, 4, has recovered but prosecutors say he is emotionally scarred.

Jose, Emilio and their 2-year-old sister Mona were taken from their paternal grandparents and given to Sireech by a California court that cited the Indian Child Welfare Act. The kids have since been returned to California. Mona was not abused.

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