White Lady: Sen. McCain to Connecticut's rescue

"Welcome to Indian Affairs, Connecticut style, Sen. John McCain. It's a far cry from what you're used to out West, but we New Englanders desperately need a straight shooter, and you're the best hope we've ever had.

On May 11 the Arizona Republican and chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee has scheduled an oversight hearing on the federal recognition process. For a change, I'd love to be in the room to hear that debate.

We've heard about all there is to hear on the subject in Connecticut, where sides are taken and alliances are set. All that can stop the economic battles and emotional carnage is a gutsy, independent leader with the right credentials and the right attitude.

Don't bother to look around here."

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Bethe Dufresne: Can McCain End State's Indian Wars? (The New London Day 5/6)

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