Indian Eddie: Racist innuendo links Indians to fire

"Any innuendo suggesting that American Indians burned down a house under construction on the West Side, in protest of development near Petroglyph National Monument shows, if not blatant racism, then narrow-mindedness.

One envisions face-painted braves firing flaming arrows onto roofs, whooping and hollering and galloping into the petroglyphs.

In the early-morning hours of Feb. 18, the Albuquerque Fire Department received a call about a house on fire about a half-mile south of Unser Boulevard on Universe Boulevard Northwest. Engulfed before firefighters arrived, the house could not be saved.

The next day and in days since, media reports told of suspicions by the owner and investigators of 'disgruntled opponents of development,' antisprawl people 'making a statement' and individuals 'not happy' with development near the monument."

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Eddie Chuculate: Burned up (The Albuquerque Tribune 3/9)

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