Indian Eddie: New Mexico tribe should erect toll booth

"It will be interesting to see if Pojoaque Pueblo knuckles under, as the Mescalero Apaches did, to New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid's threats of casino closure over Pojoaque's refusal to turn over a percentage of its gambling revenues to the state.

On Thursday, Madrid filed a motion with U.S. District Judge Bruce Black in Albuquerque, seeking a summary judgment, which argues the court has all the evidence it needs to forgo trial.

If Pojoaque loses, it also will be interesting to see whether the tribe has the brazenness to throw up a toll gate on U.S. 84-285, which runs right through tribal land, and charge Madrid double coming and going."

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Eddie Chuculate: Upping the ante (The Albuquerque Tribune 2/23)

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