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Alaska Natives wrap up business in Fairbanks

The Alaska Federation of Natives wrapped up its annual convention in Fairbanks on Saturday.

The convention drew thousands to the city. Attendance records were broken at the nightly dance performances, the AFN co-chair said.

This was the first time since 1998 that the convention was held in Fairbanks. Delegates said they felt welcome and passed a resolution to return next year. A final decision on the location -- Fairbanks or Anchorage -- will be made later this year.

Other resolutions passed included a call for the state to help Native villages deal with rising costs of energy. A controversial resolution to distribute revenues from potential drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge among all Alaska Native corporations was tabled.

Delegates also received a draft report from the Alaska Rural Justice and Law Enforcement Commission. U.S. Attorney Tim Burgess, the federal co-chair, said the state and federal government should involve tribal governments more.

Edna MacLean, the president of Ilisagvik College in Barrow, was named Citizen of the Year. She shared the award with Joseph Upickson, an Inupiaq leader who died of lung cancer this year.

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