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Tulalip Tribes set to regain federal housing funds

The Tulalip Tribes of Washington are set to regain $4.8 million in federal funds under an agreement with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Everett Herald reports.

HUD sanctioned the tribal housing program for mismanagement of funds and took control of the $4.8 million that had been awarded to the tribe. Under a new agreement, HUD will return control to the tribe and award the program $2.04 million for 2005.

HUD praised the tribe for taking steps to correct problems in the housing program after an audit found that federal funds were used for first-class travel, Palm Pilots, cellphones, expensive meals and drinks, laptops, night-vision goggles and whale-watching trips.

Dale Jones, the former Tulalip housing director, was charged with embezzling $23,500 and later pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to three years of probation.

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Tulalips may regain millions for housing (The Everett Herald 10/20)

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