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One Nation leader faces disenrollment from tribe

The leader of an anti-sovereignty group may be stripped of her membership in a non-federally recognized tribe, The Native American Times reports.

Barbara Lindsay is the executive director of One Nation, a group opposed to tribal sovereignty and federal Indian policies that recognize sovereignty. To dispel accusations that she is anti-Indian, she has claimed membership of the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri.

The tribe's president confirmed Lindsay's enrollment but says it will be reviewed in light of Lindsay's views. "It is ridiculous for her to be doing what she is doing and also claiming she is a member," tribal president Lola Smith Scholl told the paper. "I don�t want anybody enrolled who is like that."

The Cherokee Nation, a federally recognized tribe, doesn't consider the Western Cherokees to be legitimate.

During the 1970s, Lindsay opposed land claims and fishing rights of Washington tribes. In addition to running One Nation, she serves as executive director of United Property Owners of Washington.

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One Nation leader may be kicked out of tribe (The Native American Times 7/6)

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