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Shinnecock Nation cites fraud in theft of land

The Shinnecock Nation of New York will file a lawsuit in federal court tomorrow that claims the tribe was swindled out of 3,600 acres of prime real estate in the Hamptons of Long Island.

In 1703, the tribe was promised the land for 1,000 years. But in 1859, state lawmakers abrogated the agreement after tribal members allegedly petitioned for its removal.

In the lawsuit, the tribe will say the petition contained forged or illegitimate signatures. The tribe also says the land transfer needed the approval of Congress.

A second lawsuit will claim a much larger swath of land in the Hamptons, often called the playground of the wealthy. The tribe has an 800-acre reservation there.

The tribe is recognized by the state and its application for federal recognition is on the "ready" list at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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Indians sue over land (The New York Daily News 6/14)

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