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Column: Has media underplayed Red Lake?

'I didn't hear it personally but got it from three good sources that there were complaints Tuesday on talk radio that "the media" had underplayed the Minnesota school shooting rampage for what some suspected were racist reasons.

I always start from the premise that those making the complaint just may be right. But in this case, I think it's a tough case to make.

To begin with, coverage by one whole side of the media--daily newspapers--gave lie to the accusation. The school killings were the lead story in Tuesday's Tribune ("10 slain in Minnesota rampage"), the Sun-Times ("Student gunman kills 9 in rampage") and USA Today ("10 die in Minn. rampage"). The story was on the front page below the fold in The New York Times ("Shooting rampage by student leaves 10 dead on reservation").

It is arguable that each of these papers should have had more than one story on Page 1, as was the case when the Columbine High School killings happened in 1999. Arguable, but not very realistic."

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Don Wycliff: America's culture of guns (The Chicago Tribune 3/24)

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