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Letters: Star Trib readers respond to tragedy

C.D. Hilmoe: "When will we point the finger at ourselves? We're the ones who can help make a difference. We're the ones who can help keep our school leaders from feeling like helpless soldiers rather than empowered teachers and creative mentors. We're the ones who can help ensure resources are going to kids and families who need it."

Jana Kolehmainen: "Early reports have indicated that the student responsible had been bullied and teased. In several other school shootings, it was reported that the students responsible had been bullied. Every school district in this country needs to implement an early, intensive program to address the devastating effects that this behavior has on our children. These programs should begin in kindergarten and be ongoing through high school."

Mike Richardson: "I've noticed that some of the students who had been interviewed about the shooting at Red Lake High School found it necessary to point out that the shooter was a "Goth" who dressed in all black. What I wonder is if the shooter had been wearing a letter jacket, would these interviewees have pointed out that he was a 'jock'?"

Martha Roberts: "The Star Tribune chose to run 'Rampage at Red Lake' as its March 22 front-page headline. It was reminiscent of a shoot-'em-up cowboys and Indians TV western, with perfect racist alliteration. The Star Tribune also ran a 'psychological' analysis of Red Lake's 'troubled history,' detailing poverty, strife, poor school test scores and graduation rates, next to a large photo from 1979, of a burning Red Lake Tribal Government building."

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