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Opinion: Violence not uncommon at Red Lake

"A s reports of another school shooting came out of Red Lake, Minn., we learned that seven students are dead (including the shooter, who took his own life); one security guard and one teacher are also dead in addition to a reportedly seven others students injured. The shooter also killed his grandfather and his grandfather�s companion before traveling to the school.

The Red Lake Police Department forwarded all media inquiries to the community safety department, who would not answer any questions for nearly 24 hours, until a press conference was held at 2 p.m. Tuesday. You�d think this was the first time Red Lake had seen loss of life in recent memory.

But Red Lake is not unaccustomed to violence in the community. It has previously had to bring the FBI in to investigate shootings both at the police station and the homes of police officers. On Friday, a Red Lake area 17-year-old girl was charged with attempted homicide and kidnapping of a classmate after a night of intoxication in November. Substance abuse is a predominant problem in Red Lake and is seeing more and more involvement by younger teens and children."

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James Miller: A troublingly violent atmosphere (The Minnesota Daily 3/24)

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