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Native actor Eddie Spears answers five questions

Eddie Spears, star of the independent "Black Cloud," answers five questions about the film and his role as a Navajo boxer. The movie was produced by Rick Schroder of "Silver Spoons" and "NYPD Blue" fame and is debuting in Connecticut as part of a promotion sponsored by the Mohegan Tribe.

The New London Day: What was it like working with first-time director Rick Schroder? Did he seem like a rookie or a seasoned filmmaker?"

Spears: "It was great working with Rick. He's been an actor for a long time, so he knows what's going on. He also wrote the film and had envisioned just the way he wanted things, so it made it easy."

Q. Some critics and American Indians have described the movie as stereotypical in the way that there are spiritual flashbacks, a touching wise man, and so on. What is your reaction to this?

Spears: "�Black Cloud� touches bases on how life is on the reservation. The reservation is the ghetto in many ways. The alcoholism and the hard life is all real. If people see this film and think it is stereotypical, that's fine � it's just the way life is."

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