Tim Giago: Indians pay no taxes, and other myths

"There is a horrific misconception in the eyes of most Americans that the Indian nations are getting fat and wealthy over the supposed millions of dollars flushing through their casinos. Not true.

Ninety-five of the major profits from Indian gaming go to 5 percent of the Indian tribes.

This misconception has caused many worthy charities and foundations designed to help American Indians in economic, social, health and education issues to lose badly needed contributions.

There are many tribes; including the largest (Navajo), the Hopi and others that do not have gambling establishments at all. One of the smaller chapters of the Navajo Nation located near Albuquerque will open a casino soon, but the majority of the Navajo people have voted "no" on building casinos. "

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Tim Giago: All Indians get a monthly check: Right or wrong? (The Billings Gazette 1/25)

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