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Column: Chief Illiniwek mascot inappropriate

" There is no doubt that those who love and support the Chief intend to honor American Indians with their portrayal. To generations - including three in my own family - who have stood under the welcoming arms of the alma mater, it is a cherished and traditional symbol; people truly respect the values that they believe it represents.

But we also respect [Martin Luther] King and FDR and cherish what they stand for. In fact, we respect and cherish them enough to keep them from weekly performances at sporting events.

It is time to pay that same respect to Chief Illiniwek. The Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois, and all who wish to honor American Indians, should retire the Chief, and return to American Indians the most basic component of that honor - dignity."

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Halftime isn't a forum for honor and respect (The Northern Star Online 12/2)

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