Opinion: Catawba Nation casino won't benefit local community

Artist's rendering of proposed Catawba Nation casino in North Carolina. Image from Catawba Nation Project Brief

Beauford Burton, a candidate for mayor in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, doesn't think a Catawba Nation casino will be good for the community:
Folks, there is nothing positive about what a casino can bring to this city or county except what the Catawba Indians and possibly outside investors might gain from emptying pockets of those who will suffer greatly. Whatever those monies are will be hauled out of Kings Mountain to support the tribe and the investors. Talk about the growth of shops and restaurants doesn't make any sense either. Casinos offer everything a patron could want or need, if one has enough money left to partake of the amenities. Most coming away from a casino will be fortunate if they have enough to spend at McDonald's or Hardees for the $1 meals.

I overhear people saying things like, “they're going to gamble somewhere”. I'm here to tell you that many won't, unless it's brought to them. Yes, some will travel to Cherokee or to Vegas or Atlantic City but the majority of people won't be exposed to it and to the possibility of addiction unless it's close by.

Your spouses, your parents, your children, your friends will not be safe from the possibility of temptation and addiction if a casino comes here. Neither will they be safe from the collateral damage of crime that will grow and many less fortunate will not escape complete devastation.

Not one of us can stop it, but many of us with the help of Almighty God can. Pray, listen for answers. Stand against this thing of evil by writing to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to express your opposition. Keep talking to your Mayor, City Council and County Commissioners to ask them to withdraw their approval. Who knows who might be the one to get the attention of the elected.

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Beauford Burton: Between a rock and a hard place (The Kings Mountain Herald 8/12)

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