Quapaw Tribe looks to dispel concerns about casino in Arkansas

A robe from the 18th century depicts Quapaw villages in Arkansas, where the tribe lived before being forced to leave. Photo from Shonagon / Wikipedia

The Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma is still trying to dispel concerns about a potential casino on its ancestral territory in Arkansas.

Fears of a casino have generated opposition to the tribe's land-into-trust application for 160 acres near Little Rock. But Chairman John Berrey insists the site will only be used for cultural preservation.

“I just want to protect that land. My ancestors are buried there and so are the ancestors of the African-American community down there. We think their lives have meaning and we think it’s our responsibility to do everything that we can,” Berrey told KUAR.

Pulaski County and the mayor of Little Rock are opposing the application that was submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Port of Little Rock also passed a resolution that says a casino is not consistent with existing uses in the area.

The land falls within the tribe's former reservation in Arkansas.

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Relevant Documents:
NIGC Indian Land Opinion For Site in Kansas (November 2014)

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