Quapaw Tribe insists a casino isn't focus of Arkansas land plan

This robe from the 18th century depicts Quapaw villages in Arkansas, where the tribe lived before being forced to leave. Photo from Shonagon / Wikipedia

The Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma insists a casino isn't the focus of its land-into-trust application in Arkansas.

The tribe purchased 160 acres of its former reservation for cultural preservation, a spokesperson said. But local officials are concerned that the land could be used for a casino.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has asked local officials to comment on the request. News reports haven't said whether the tribe's application states whether it will be used for a casino.

Even if the tribe doesn't state the purpose, there is nothing that would necessarily prevent a casino in the future. A similar situation has arisen in Kansas, where the state is suing the National Indian Gaming Commission for paving the way for a casino expansion on the tribe's former reservation.

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