Opinion: Bad gamble on Little River Band off-reservation casino

Artist's rendering of proposed off-reservation casino in Fruitport Township, Michigan. Image from Little River Band

Pastor opposes off-reservation casino for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Michigan:
Muskegon has a large number of unemployed people who would seek to strike it rich. We know that lotteries flourish in needy communities. Those same people who cannot afford to gamble would be enticed to a casino.

There will be a few high paying jobs but many casino salaries would be at entry level. How much would dishwashers, housekeepers and janitors earn?

Notice casino advertisements about car give-a-ways, large prizes and the appeal that winning is the name of the game. Casinos exist to skim money from the community.

Financial gain through jobs would be overbalanced by foreclosures, bankruptcy and definitely there would be children going hungry.

The cost to taxpayers for mental health and family services would spike. Police would be required at the site but crime comes to the streets when desperate people lose it all.

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Rev. Bill Randall: Muskegon casino would bring negatives that are being ignored (The Muskegon Chronicle 3/18)

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