Victor Rocha: Come to the inaugural Indian Country Online

Victor Rocha, the owner of, invites you to Indian Country Online, the first-ever conference dedicated to Internet gaming in Indian Country:
Several people have asked why I created Indian Country Online: The 2013 Congress and the simple answer is this: As online gaming gains traction in the gaming industry, Indian country needs to be prepared for the eventuality of online poker, and possibly ... maybe ... one day ... full-blown online gambling. Indian Country Online Congress is my contribution to this dialogue.

As my dear friend Valerie Spicer, executive director of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, reminds me, online gaming won’t be for every tribe. I agree, especially in the absence of federal legislation, but it’s something every gaming tribe should understand regardless of its position today.

In other words, if online gaming comes to your state, do you know how it’ll affect your business? Can you afford to stand on the sidelines and watch?

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Victor Rocha: INDIAN COUNTRY ONLINE: Preparing For The iGaming Paradigm ( 5/15)

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