Column: Mohegan Tribe looking to enter online gaming business

"The issue is now percolating in Washington, and last week, Mohegan Chairman Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum testified before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, which has crafted proposed legislation that would make sure that tribes get a piece of the Internet gambling action without being taxed.

Bozsum compared the current developments in Internet gambling to the 1987 Supreme Court decision that set the stage for casinos on reservations around the country, including Connecticut.

The Mohegan chairman argued for federal legislation on Internet gambling, including by tribes, instead of allowing a patchwork of state laws around the country.

"Tribes should be extremely hesitant to entrust their economic futures to the tender mercies of the 50 states, many of whom are still in financial crisis and looking for new sources of revenue," Bozsum said.

The chairman went on to reveal that the Mohegans are considering working with a consortium of other tribes around the country to develop an Internet gambling system that could compete with other big commercial companies."

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