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Rep. Sullivan denies link between gaming battle and judge's son

Rep. John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma), center, with his Washington, D.C., interns. Ben Frizzell, the son of Judge Gregory Frizzell, is on the far right. Photo from Sullivan's Facebook page.

Rep. John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma) said there's no connection between his battle against the Kialegee Tribal Town and one of his newest interns -- the son of the federal judge who blocked the casino.

Sullivan said the internship was offered to Ben Frizzell months before his father, Judge Gregory Frizzell, ruled against the Red Clay Casino in May. But a supporter of the tribe's casino questions the connection.

"I'm shocked. I felt like that would have been something that would have been brought to the attention of the people before the courts ever started," Mike Bergman of BA Residents for Red Clay Casino told KTUL-TV.

Sullivan's office said the issue was being raised because he's facing a Republican opponent in a primary today.

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