Opinion: Opposition to White Earth casino all about greed

"It seems our gutless legislators have decided gambling is not the answer for funding a stadium. I have heard all the arguments against it, everything from “We don’t think it is right to expand gambling” “It causes societal problems” “It propagates crime.” Well I say Horse Hockey, these guys simply don’t want to go against one of the biggest lobby groups in the state.

The one about not wanting to expand gambling is the lamest excuse. The existing casinos have expanded their gaming fifty or a hundred fold over the past few years! It’s OK for indian gaming to expand year in and year out, but one lousy casino owned jointly by the White Earth Tribe and the state is going to upset the apple cart? Give me a break, this is all about greed.

I will admit there might be a slight increase of problem gambling if the White Earth Tribe and the State of Minnesota build a casino in the Metro area. But lets face it, problem gamblers will find a way to gamble, and they will go to any length to do so."

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