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Just Ask: Why does governor receive $5M for gaming talks?

"Question: Can you explain or expand upon, the negotiating fee of $5 million to Gov. Patrick for a casino compact with a federally recognized Indian tribe?

Answer: In the gaming law, there is an appropriation of $5 million to the governor’s office “to provide for certain costs associated with the implementation of expanded gaming including, but not limited to, costs related to legal, financial and other professional services required for the negotiation and execution of a compact with a federally recognized Indian tribe in the commonwealth to establish a tribal casino in region.”

According to an official with the Patrick administration, the $5 million will be reimbursed from the fees that gaming companies will need to pay for a license to operate a casino in Massachusetts."

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Just Ask: Why does the governor get a $5 million fee for negotiating a casino compact on Indian owned land? (The Springfield Republican 1/13)