Opinion: Greed and gaming spur disenrollments in California

"It is one of those strange twists of fate that has been proven over and over in history: The conquered people eventually take on the worst characteristics of those who conquered them. It has manifested in Southern California with the advent of Indian gaming, in a terrible way.

It wasn't long ago that the local tribes were all limping along in abject poverty, trying to gain a foothold after being stripped of everything and relegated to reservations. It is a sad and brutal history, no different than all other tribes in this country.

Once the gaming compacts were signed, and big money rolled in, it was everyone's hope that it would help all tribes. While there are great stories of success, unfortunately greed has raised its ugly head.

If we are honest, and not afraid of upsetting those who hold too much power, the fact that the San Pasqual Tribe kicked out 80 members, Pechanga cut 130, Rincon tried to cut 70, and Pala is now working hard to eliminate at least 120 members from their tribal roles is all about greed and politics, nothing more.

You do not see any nongaming tribes involved in this nonsense. And had these casinos never been built, none of this would be happening, period!"

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Robert Hayward: Greed has taken over our tribes (The North County Times 11/2)