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Opinion: No off-reservation Choctaw casino

"In looking back over the news stories that affected residents of South Mississippi in 2007, we must include the resounding victory won by opponents to the proposed Choctaw casino in Jackson County. By a margin of 60/40 the citizens have once again expressed their preference of no casino for Jackson County!

Gov. Haley Barbour, who has final authority in this issue, stated it isn't fair and it isn't right. We should not expand casinos into counties where they do not already exist, he said. He has pledged not to approve the casino.

So, for the next four years, we can assume that there will be no Choctaw casino in Jackson County despite the fact the Choctaws have gone back on their word to honor the wishes of the citizens of Jackson County and are in continued pursuit of their plans for the casino. This also is going back to the promises made to their own people. In a resolution signed and passed by the Choctaw Tribal Council, the resolution clearly states that if a majority of the citizens of Jackson County do not want them to open a casino, they will not pursue the matter any further. In other words, the current leadership of the tribe has gone back on their word in every conceivable way.

Who would ever want to do business with a group which clearly cannot be trusted?

The Mississippi Band of Choctaws has been prolific in recent years in dispersing large campaign contributions to influence our elected officials. After the clear no' vote it should become apparent to all politicians, elected or appointed, no means no and to engage in rhetoric in favor of a casino here only makes one wonder how much money was doled out by the Choctaws! "

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Eleanor Cissy Jordan of Jackson Countians Against Choctaw Gaming: Choctaw Jackson County casino vote was top story (The Mississippi Press 1/6)