Resolution: To give up writing about tribal casinos!

"I get stopped all the time by people who have something to say about Sullivan County.

"Hey, Barry, you make any New Year's resolutions?"

"Yea, I'm giving up writing columns about casinos."

"Really, you're not gonna write about casinos coming to Sullivan County? What, you know something? They're not coming, are they?"

"I don't know if they're coming. I don't know anyone who does know. And if they tell you they know, you can bet they'll be the last one to know."

"Right, I get it. So we're not getting casinos. Does this mean I can take off my Room For 5' casino button? I think it's beginning to fade.""

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Barry Lewis: I resolve to give upwriting about casinos (The Middletown Times Herald-Record 1/5)