Editorial: Lawmakers need final say on gaming deals

"Everyone's a hypocrite" when it comes to the debate over Indian gaming compacts, The Wisconsin State Journal says.

Tribes, Democrats, Republicans and other "capitol connivers" have put their own spin on a court ruling that struck down the first compact Gov. Jim Doyle (D) signed, the paper says. But the paper endorses Republican lawmakers who want final say over the process.

"Doyle and other elected leaders also should put their heads together to cut another deal quickly - that allows the legislative approval sought by the lawsuit and required by the state constitution," the paper says.

In another editorial, the paper says tribes need to share more revenues with the state. Tribes were expected to contribute $207 million but the paper says it isn't enough for what they are getting.

"Republican lawmakers have long contended that Doyle gave away too much - exclusive, expanded casino gambling rights and longer agreements between the state and tribe - in exchange for too little money," the paper says.

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