Peabody Coal fought Bush's promise
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MARCH 26, 2001

The company in the middle of a number of disputes involving the Hopi Tribe of Arizona and the Navajo Nation lobbied heavily to push President George W. Bush into reneging on one of his campaign pledges.

The Washington Post reports that Peabody Group Chairman Irl Engelhardt was among several business leaders from the coal industry who pushed against Bush's promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning plants. Members of the industry said it would kill their business should the Environmental Protection Agency implement standards to address the emissions, which are believed to contribute to global warming.

Other coal lobbyists pushed for the rescindment of the EPA's stricter arsenic in drinking water standards. Now, other coal-related regulations are being targeted.

Peabody is being sued by both the Hopi and Navajo tribes, who allege they were cheated out of coal mining royalties. Members of both tribes also believe the company is polluting a local water source and is the historical source of a tribal land dispute dating back several decades.

Peabody is the largest coal enterprise in the United States. Peabody Holdings Inc. contributed $250,000 to the Republican National Committee last July.

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